Property  Opportunities for Sophisticated Investors

Enhanced investment returns through involvement in syndicated property development projects

We specialise in identifying excellent  deals for

Sophisticated Investors

We identify excellent development opportunities early in the market, to enhance investment returns within a managed risk environment for syndication 

Who are Sophisticated Investors?

A person or entity with a Certfiicate from their accountant confirming :

Net Assets of at least $2.5 million; or
Gross income of at least $250,000 per year for the last two financial years.

Syndicated Investments

We scour the market for the lowest risk high return deals.

We can source opportunities specifically targeting desired return and risk hurdles which are then syndicated with like minded investors. 

Financial Modeling

We undertake all feasibility modelling to prove up the potential returns.

Delivery guaranteed

We manage project delivery and risk to achieve the forecast returns 

Profitable Investments

To gain enhanced returns investors need to be in the game from the get go and accept a managed risk profile. 20-30% returns can be achieved using our investment strategy


Early involvement in targetted markets and deals

Experienced Professionals

We know property!


We deliver


We are with you all the way 

Sample Project

This landmark building was purpose built and comprises six levels of high grade office space and three levels of parking and storage. The office space is arranged around a dramatic atrium which maximizes access to natural light to the 2300 m2 floors, and provides internal views between floors.

About Us

Citispace Management is a private company 

A little bit of History

30 years in the construction and property game 

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